Our Investment Philosophy

Data Drives Decisions

We rigorously look at the data to understand what drives market returns. Through this research, we are able to identify potential opportunities for long-term, relative outperformance.  

Risk Management

While some investors are ready and willing to withstand any market environment, most require some level of risk mitigation.  Taking measured risk to improve investment return is usually both necessary and appropriate, but should be taken intelligently and focused where there is greater potential for excess returns.

Taxes Matter

Clients spend after-tax dollars, so we consider the tax impact of each investment decision.  A focus on tax efficiency is a vital part of maximizing your total net worth.  We help you minimize your tax liability by using tax-efficient investment principles and tax-loss harvesting when appropriate.  When you become a client, we will determine the best strategy to migrate your existing accounts into your optimized portfolio.


Investing across a wide variety of asset classes improves investment returns for a given level of risk.  This is accomplished by creating a blend of securities that react differently to different market environments.  A diversified portfolio limits portfolio volatility and allows for strategic rebalancing opportunities.

Markets Move

Markets move, and can move drastically, either up or down.  In periods of volatility, we rebalance your portfolio to stay true to your long term financial goals and to take advantage when prices move in such a way that makes rebalancing beneficial.

Active Where it Counts

In the United States, there are more than 5,000 public companies traded on the major exchanges and more than 14,000 mutual funds.  Layer on hedge funds, private equity opportunities, private real estate deals and other specialty investments, and the list of investment options is truly enormous.  When and where active management is desirable, we engage in a rigorous process of research and due diligence in an effort to identify superior money managers with unique perspectives and processes. 

Investment Horizon

As long-term investors, we emphasize the importance of setting goals and maintaining appropriate time horizons rather than chasing returns or making rash market timing decisions.

Monitor, Review, Enhance

We constantly challenge our ideas, assumptions, and process.  We continually review the relevancy of data that shapes our outlook, the drivers of our decisions, and the biases that color our worldview.  It is this ongoing self-evaluation that allows us to stay rooted in time-tested truths as we adapt to the ever-changing world around us.